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Here is a quick over view of what I can do for your ministry and website development.  Which will take you to a new level in design and look and easy navigation.

My heart and Desire is to see ministries impacted and grow and have easy and great online presence to take them to the next level. 

Below is a overview and explanation of your package and desires I'd like to share with you to take you to that next level. 

Web design, Full Graphics, and your Social Media and a new add on a Vip Experience 

Scroll down and then look through the site. 


For your consideration.

Quote overview

$3,000.00 for the package and setup 

We will add all your information and impact desires as we partner together. 


  1. Website Design and Set up 

  2. Logo Rebrand 

  3. Social Media Package

  4. Social Media Rebrand

Who will and can maintain it? 2 options:

  • We can train one of your people or 

  • Maintenance is a option to add on for us to do changes to the web design. 

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